What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is typically necessary for oral surgeries and more complicated dental procedures. It involves placing a small IV into the arm and delivering a safe sedative into your system. You will slowly enter a sleep-like state, making the procedure more comfortable and easier for you. IV sedation is safe for most patients, and it's often needed if you'll be undergoing more invasive treatments.

Why is IV Sedation needed?

Some kids have extensive amounts of dental work, are very young, can't sit in the chair for long periods, or are very nervous, and these situations may be better if the child is completely asleep, so all work can be done quickly and efficiently in one setting.

Who is a candidate for IV Sedation?

Most patients coming into our office are good candidates for IV sedation. We will review all health and medical history prior to suggesting any type of sedative. If you are unable to undergo sedation, it is important that you tell us this during your appointment. IV sedation can be used on both children and adult patients who may need it.

What happens during IV Sedation?

The process begins by sitting you comfortably with your child in the waiting room. You will be the only patient present out there at that time. The anesthesiologist will then come out and evaluate your child and give them a small shot (IM injection) to allow them to start to drift off. After 1-3 minutes, the anesthesiologist then places a small IV into your child's arm and delivers a safe, effective sedative. After the procedure, the IV is removed and your child is taken to one of our recovery rooms. Your child is given enough time to wake up so that they can safely leave the office. It is important that you have two adults accompanying the patient for the drive home.

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