What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a type of restoration that is designed to fit over a damaged or compromised tooth. If a primary (baby) tooth has multiple areas of decay or decay entering the nerve of the tooth, we will recommend a crown if the tooth can be saved. If a permanent tooth has fractured, broken or has been recently root canaled, we may recommend that it be crowned with a temporary stainless steel crown. Crowns both protect the tooth from further damage as well as improve its size and shape. You can expect the restoration to last on the baby tooth until it is lost, or on a permanent tooth until the child is of age to get a permanent crown placed at a general dentist.

What types of crowns are offered?

Dr. Meyers offers zirconia (white porcelain) or stainless steel crowns. Due to the difference in time and technique used for each of these procedures, Dr. Meyers may recommend one type of crown over the other if behavior is poor. In addition, white crowns are not always covered by insurance.

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